These are examples of some of the work I’ve done in the course of my professional and political life, including some work under development. All examples are, or have been, published in the public domain.


Towards 2060 Project – 2010

A project to involve citizens in a strategic planning for the future of their district, with a clear focus on sustainability, including land use planning. The website is to be re-launched in 2016, by the Towards 2060 Charitable Trust Board.

Get Connected Campaign – 2007

A mini-campaign for the Green Party, consisting of two videos.

Transport Submissions – 2007

Two submissions for the Green Party, on the Land Transport Amendment Bill (2007) and the Public Transport Management Bill (2007).


Hospitals Balanced Scorecard – 2000

I "held the pen" on this project: a Balanced Scorecard for monitoring hospital performance from a ownership perspective. Developed at CCMAU in collaboration with the hospital sector.

Quality of Life Report – 2007

I was responsible for collating, analysing the data, then writing the chapters on Housing, Economic Development and Standard of Living. The report was an excellent example of what local authorities can achieve, working together.

Policy Work Programme – 2009

A comprehensive quarterly report on the whole-of-council work policy programme. Presented to the Performance and Accountability Committee, providing elected members with an overview of their programme of decision-making work.

MMP voting system

MMP Booklet – 1993

Published in 1993, while I was still a student; this booklet explained the Royal Commission process and sets out a simplified version of the comparison it made between the FPP and MMP systems. About 10,000 copies were sold.

Broadcasting Policy

Global Plan for Maori Radio – 1987

Plan for developing an iwi-based radio system for the grass-roots-upward development of Maori broadcasting. Used by Broadcasting Commission (NZ on Air) as a blueprint for developing NZ's network of iwi-based radio stations.

Waitangi Tribunal Claim on the Airwaves – 1989

Maori could not "possess" (exercise tino rangatiratanga over) their language and culture in modern society if they did not have the right to broadcast. They should not have to pay for such rights under the Radiocommunications Act 1989. Upheld.

Broadcasting Assets case – 1992

Specification for a Maori television service, sufficient to settle the case, published as a booklet titled "Tikanga Maori Television - the requirements", which became the blueprint for the development of Maori Television.

Tradeable Language Quotas – 1996

Setting the concept of reciprocity in exchange (utu) in Maori culture, against the idea of using market exchange for controlling externalities in economic theory (the Coase Theorem).

MPP Thesis on Broadcasting Policy – 1999

My thesis sought to explain, to a non-expert audience, the strengths, weaknesses and ethical implications of Treasury's use of economic theory in a submission to a Royal Commission on Broadcasting, as well as the outcomes that broadcasting deregulation has had for New Zealand society.